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Step onto the mat with confidence in the Springroll Grappling Kimono Interstellar. Engineered for peak performance, this gi features a robust 450GSM pearl weave fabric that offers the perfect balance of durability and comfort. The ripstop pants are designed to endure the rigors of intense training, complemented by dual reinforced knees that provide extra support where you need it most.

The tapered cut of the Interstellar gi ensures a fit that moves with you, enhancing your range of motion and technique execution. An improved drawstring retention design keeps everything secure, so you can focus on your training without distractions.

This Gi is approved for IBJJF events.


  • Size Chart:

    • A0 - Weight: 54.5 Kg & Under Height: 162.5 Cm & Under
    • A1 - Weight: 55-70 Kg Height: 162.5-173 Cm
    • A2 - Weight: 71-86 Kg Height: 173-180 Cm
    • A3 - Weight: 87-99.5 Kg Height: 181-188 Cm
    • A4 - Weight: 99.5-115 Kg Height: 189-193 Cm
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