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NEWAZA is meticulously crafted with durable yet comfortable fabric, tailored with precision to fit your body and enhance your performance. Whether you’re a seasoned jiu-jitsu veteran or an enthusiastic beginner, this gi will suit your needs and style.

NEWAZA is also IBJJF and JJAU approved, meaning you can wear it with confidence in any competition.

The SPRL BJJ Gi is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of your dedication, passion, and skill in jiu-jitsu. Order yours today and experience the difference. 🥋


    • Jacket: Pearl Weave 450 GSM
    • Pants: Ripstop cotton fabric
  • Size Chart:
    A0 - Weight: 54.5 Kg & Under Height: 162.5 Cm & Under
    A1 - Weight: 55-70 Kg Height: 162.5-173 Cm
    A2 - Weight: 71-86 Kg Height: 173-180 Cm
    A3 - Weight: 87-99.5 Kg Height: 181-188 Cm
    A4 - Weight: 99.5-115 Kg Height: 189-193 Cm

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